Christmas Gift Guide for History Buffs

Looking for some ideas for the perfect present to delight the history buff in your life? We have put together a list of the best history gifts around…

Gift: Ancestry DNA
Price: £59.00
Perfect for: Anyone!

This simple test will uncover where your ancestors came from, and allow you to discover distant relatives and new details about your unique family history. You or your loved one will receive a breakdown of ethnicity revealing your ethnic mix from the past 500-1000 years!

Gift: Find My Past Subscription or Credits
Price: £9.95 Monthly Subscription OR £24.95 for 300 Credits
Perfect for: Family tree enthusiasts.

Do you know someone who has hit a brick wall when researching their family tree? Why not gift a subscription to Findmypast? For over a decade, millions of members across the globe have been using Findmypast to trace their ancestors using over 4 billion records and 11 million historic newspaper pages.

Gift: Family English Heritage Membership
Price: From £56.00
Perfect for: Families.

For the family that loves historic days out! Membership to English Heritage gives unlimited access to over 400 historic places so you can stand in the places where history happened. This also includes free or reduced rate access to special events throughout the year.

The historic places in the care of English Heritage include Dover Castle, Battle Abbey, Stonehenge, Tintagel Castle, Hadrian’s Wall and many more magical places steeped in history.

Gift: Visua Professional Discriminating Metal Detector and Kit
Price: From £59.99
Perfect for: A budding archaeologist.

Search for buried treasure! Discover long-lost metal objects such as Roman coins, pieces of eight or even perhaps a sword blade.

Gift: L.S. Lowry Calendar 2019
Price: £9.99
Perfect for: An art lover.

Enjoy one of the most iconic British artists every day of every month of 2019 with this L.S. Lowry calendar showcasing some of his iconic work. Including ‘Market Scene, Northern Town’, 1939; ‘House on the Moor’, 1950; ‘An Old Farm’, 1943; and ‘Group of People’, 1959.

Gift: Create Your Own English Heritage Hamper!
Price: £You decide
Perfect for: Foodies

You select what goes into your hamper! Choose from English Heritage wines and liqueurs, preserves, biscuits and sweet treats and create the perfect custom gift.

Gift: Syma X5SC/X5SC-1 Falcon Drone
Price: From £39.98
Perfect for: Tech-lovers

Now you can view fantastic aerial shots of our wonderful historic countryside with your own drone. Please make sure though, that you have the necessary permissions first!

Gift: English Heritage Guess Who?
Price: £25.00
Perfect for: The family who loves history.

The traditional flip and find game with a historic twist. This two-player character guessing game has been made exclusively for English Heritage using historical figures who helped shape English History.

With 48 characters to choose from, choosing the right yes or no questions to discover who your opponent has chosen is key. With the ability to be set up easily, the game can be played anywhere!

Gift: Tank Driver Taster
Price: £99.00
Perfect for: Big boys who like big toys.

Embrace the power of a 6.5 litre Rolls Royce 15 ton tank. You (or a lucky gift receiver!) will receive expert tuition to ensure you are comfortable with the tank’s controls, before being kitted out in a tank driver outfit. When you are ready, you will be let loose to control this beast of a tank. Give that big kid an experience of a lifetime.

Gift: Large Queen Duck
Price: £12.00
Perfect for: A stocking filler.

Quack quack! Cheer up someone’s bath time with this unique gift. Sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, this rubber duck inspired by Queen Elizabeth is funny, playful and unique.

Gift: 1960s Cookbooks from Newspapers
Price: £12.99
Perfect for: Those who like to reminisce.

The perfect present for those who miss the good ol’ days. Showcasing original adverts, columns and recipes from newspapers from the 60s. An era moulded by immigration from the former colonies and the arrival of supermarkets, this is a way to look back at the recipes from your childhood. Can also be personalised with any name and message.

Gift: The Ritz London Book of Afternoon Tea
Price: £6.99
Perfect for: Those with a sweet tooth.

With over fifty recipes from delicate sandwiches, strawberry shortcake, crumpets and muffins, this book captures the essence of the traditional British pastime of Afternoon Tea. With stories about afternoon teas at The Ritz and the history of tea drinking, this book is perfect for that person in your life with a sweet tooth.

Gift: Catapult Pencil Sharpener
Price: £3.75
Perfect for: Any desk!

The perfect stocking filler for either the big kid in your life or the little history fan. Although, beware as this does have a working firing mechanism! This gift is ideal for a workplace office desk (definitely a talking point!) or as part of a pencil case for a child who loves history.

Gift: Green Man Bird Feeder
Price: £24.99
Perfect for: The green fingered one.

Encourage wild birds into the garden. This bird feeder reflects the iconic Green Man, featured in church carvings since as early as 400AD, and represents the rebirth and new cycle of growth in Spring. The perfect gift for the gardener or bird watcher in your life.

Gift: LEGO Architecture London
Price: £45.00
Perfect for: Creative types.

Recreate the architectural diversity of London, from the iconic buildings of recent years to world famous historical landmarks. Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Big Ben, Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery are featured. The set includes over 460 LEGO pieces with information on the history and architectural heritage of London.

LEGO has been staple for children for many years and now you can build your own fantastic skyline of London.

Gift: The Ludicrous Laws of Old London
Price: £9.99
Perfect for: A stocking filling/Secret Santa gift.

Discover the history of London’s legal institutions and oddities – some of which are still on the statute books – from this fascinating and entertaining guide. Did you know, for example, that it is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament in a suit of armour, under a law dating from 1313 that is still in force?

This is the perfect book to dip in and out of – perhaps a book for the coffee table or a ‘throne‘!


Gift: Bordeux Wine & Original Newspaper
Price: £54.99
Perfect for: News lovers.

The gift for someone who loves vintage news! Choose a special date from 1920 to modern day and receive a genuine and original complete newspaper. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and includes a bottle of classic Bordeaux wine to enjoy. Perfect for marking birthdays and anniversaries.

Want something a little more informative? Check out our friends at Pen & Sword Books and their selection of fantastic books!