Christmas Gift Guide for History Buffs

Looking for some ideas for the perfect present to delight the history buff in your life? We have put together a list of the best history gifts around…

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Gifts Priced £10.00 – £19.99

Gift: Kings and Queens of England 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Price: £10.00
Perfect for: Those puzzled about the monarchy.

Exclusively from English Heritage, this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle depicts the kings and queens of England from William I in 1066 through to the current Queen Elizabeth II. Apart from being fun to complete, it also makes a great educational gift.


Gift: Today’s Rain Whisky Glass
Price: From £13.00
Perfect for: Someone with a taste for the future.

The perfect gift for the positive thinker and whisky connoisseur. Whisky is also known as the ‘Water of Life’ from the Gaelic Uisge Beatha, which perhaps helps to explain the engraving on this sturdy glass.


Gift: Adult’s Knitted Knight Hat
Price: £14.00
Perfect for: The most stylish knight in town.

This knitted knight hat is sure to bring a smile to faces. Knitted from soft acrylic wool, the movable visor can be worn around the mouth or adjusted to sit at the top of the head, just like the real helmets of the brave knights of yore.


Gift: Mini Me Model Suffragette
Price: £18.00
Perfect for: The equal rights campaigner.

In full campaign dress complete with a votes for women sign and sash, this Mini Me Model commemorates the historic campaigns of the suffragettes in the early years of the 20th century. By 1918, their struggles had successfully achieved the right for women over the age of 30 to vote. Standing approximately 13cm high, this resin cast model has been hand painted.


Gifts Priced £20.00 – 39.99

Gift: English Tankard
Price: £22.00
Perfect for: The English history aficionado.

This English Tankard proudly displays the historic shields of England, including the shield of the three lions passant, from the Great Seal of Richard I, and the royal arms of Henry IV.

With a chain mail background complete with axe handle, it is hand painted to ensure the highest quality.


Gift: Personalised Beano Annual from Your Year
Price: £22.99
Perfect for: The child inside.

Found inside every children’s Christmas stocking since 1940, the Beano Annual was a traditional gift for kids across the length and breadth of the country. Featuring all the favourite iconic characters, including Minnie the Minx and Dennis the Menace, and of course Gnasher, these personalised hardback annuals are available with years from 1940 to 2004.


Gift: 1960s Cookbooks from Newspapers
Price: From £22.99
Perfect for: Those who like to reminisce.

The perfect present for those who miss the good ol’ days. Showcasing original adverts, columns and recipes from newspapers from the 60s. An era moulded by immigration from the former colonies and the arrival of supermarkets, this is a way to look back at the recipes from your childhood. Can also be personalised with any name and message.


Gift: Find My Past Subscription or Credits
Price: £9.95 Monthly Subscription OR £24.95 for 300 Credits
Perfect for: Family tree enthusiasts.

Do you know someone who has hit a brick wall when researching their family tree? Why not gift a subscription to Findmypast? For over a decade, millions of members across the globe have been using Findmypast to trace their ancestors using over 4 billion records and 11 million historic newspaper pages.


Gift: English Heritage Guess Who?
Price: £25.00
Perfect for: The family who loves history.

The traditional flip and find game with a historic twist. This two-player character guessing game has been made exclusively for English Heritage using historical figures who helped shape English History.

With 48 characters to choose from, choosing the right yes or no questions to discover who your opponent has chosen is key. With the ability to be set up easily, the game can be played anywhere!


Gift: Family Crest & Surname History Print
Price: £34.99
Perfect for: The family herald.

Available in either a dark or gold frame, this unique gift will reveal the earliest coat of arms for your family surname, as well as the origin and meaning of the name. Ready to hang on the wall, this would be be ideal present for the family historian.


Gift: Battle of Britain Quartz Pocket Watch
Price: From £35.00
Perfect for: The family timekeeper.

Commemorating the country’s struggle to maintain control of the air during World War II, this limited-edition Battle of Britain memorial flight pocket watch comes complete with chain and leatherette presentation box. The beautifully designed watch front depicts the three most famous aircraft involved in the conflict.

Gift: Drinking Horn With Stand
Price: From £36.00
Perfect for: Eric Bloodaxe.

The gift that anyone with Viking blood coursing through their viens should posses, this drinking horn would make a special gift for any history lover. Crafted from cow horn using traditional methods, this extravagant drinking vessel comes complete with its own stand.

Go on, really spoil your Eric by pairing this unique gift with one of the oldest known beverages… honey-flavoured mead.


Gift: Personalised Football Book – For Your Favourite Team
Price: From £39.99
Perfect for: The footy historian.

A gift for the ultimate footy fanatic… choose from a list of over 60 teams to find out about your favourite club’s glory-filled (or perhaps not!) history, though the press coverage they have received over the last 100 years. With the option to emboss the recipient’s name on the cover, inside there are reproductions of the most important stories collected from the UK’s leading newspapers. From big money signings, to thrilling match reports, and from sensational cup wins, to devastating relegations… a definite trip down memory lane.


Gift: Create Your Own English Heritage Hamper!
Price: £You decide
Perfect for: Foodies

You select what goes into your hamper! Choose from English Heritage wines and liqueurs, preserves, biscuits and sweet treats and create the perfect custom gift.


Gifts Priced £40.00 – 59.99

Gift: Charcoal Fleck Baker Boy Cap
Price: From £40.00
Perfect for: Your very own Peaky.

Crafted from the very finest Yorkshire tweed, this Charcoal Fleck Baker Boy Cap will add the finishing touch to any Peaky outfit. Available in a range of sizes, this stylish hat makes an ideal gift for anyone that enjoys a stroll through both town and country.


Gift: English Heritage Risk Game
Price: £40.00
Perfect for: The Medieval war strategist.

In this new Risk game you can engage in combat like never before, attempting to conquer England and take the crown. Play as one of five different armies as you fight for the supremacy of England.

Only once all of you opponents have been put to the sword can you lay your claim to become the righful King or Queen of England.


Gift: LEGO Architecture London
Price: £45.00
Perfect for: Creative types.

Recreate the architectural diversity of London, from the iconic buildings of recent years to world famous historical landmarks. Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Big Ben, Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery are featured. The set includes over 460 LEGO pieces with information on the history and architectural heritage of London.

LEGO has been staple for children for many years and now you can build your own fantastic skyline of London.


Gift: Edward Painted Shield
Price: From £49.00
Perfect for: The family guardian.

Perhaps the greatest of England’s warrior kings, the shield of Edward I is emblazoned with the 3 Lions of England. The 3 Lions of England remained in use until the reign of Edward III, when they were quartered with the fleurs de lys of France.

Hand painted and lacquered, with leather straps and padding on the back, choose from half and full-sizes.


Gift: Celtic Leather Wallet
Price: £55.00
Perfect for: That history bloke.

Featuring a design inspired by the 9th century Book of Kells, this leather wallet has four card slots and a zip compartment for coins. The Book of Kells is one of the world’s most famous medieval manuscripts, written in Latin by Celtic monks, it contains the four Gospels of the New Testament.

Gift: Ancestry DNA
Price: Was £79.00, now £59.00 + shipping
Perfect for: Anyone!

This simple test will uncover where your ancestors came from, and allow you to discover distant relatives and new details about your unique family history. You or your loved one will receive a breakdown of ethnicity revealing your ethnic mix from the past 500-1000 years!

Gifts Priced £60.00 – 99.99

Gift: Family English Heritage Membership
Price: From £63.00 for a year
Perfect for: Families.

For the family that loves historic days out! Membership to English Heritage gives unlimited access to over 400 historic places so you can stand in the places where history happened. This also includes free or reduced rate access to special events throughout the year.

The historic places in the care of English Heritage include Dover Castle, Battle Abbey, Stonehenge, Tintagel Castle, Hadrian’s Wall and many more magical places steeped in history.


Gift: Bordeux Wine & Original Newspaper
Price: £64.99
Perfect for: News lovers.

The gift for someone who loves vintage news! Choose a special date from 1920 to modern day and receive a genuine and original complete newspaper. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and includes a bottle of classic Bordeaux wine to enjoy. Perfect for marking birthdays and anniversaries.


Gift: Squire’s Knights Templar Sword
Price: £80.00
Perfect for: A very good knight.

A product from the world famous Art Gladius factory in Toledo, Spain, this Squire’s Templar Sword features the words MILITUM XPISTS SIGILLUM (Seal of the Knights of Christ) around the pommel which encircles the Templar Cross Pattée. Recruited mainly from England and France, the Knights Templar were a powerful order of crusading knights founded in the 11th century.

Made for display purposes only, the following link provides one possible option for wall mounting the sword.


Gift: Celtic Blessing Silver Bangle
Price: £99.00
Perfect for: A never ending blessing.

Written on a mobius (never ending circle) style bangle, just keeping turning to read this traditional Irish blessing written out… May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains

Made from Sterling silver, it measures 7cm in diameter.


Gift: Tank Driver Taster
Price: £99.00
Perfect for: Big boys and girls who like big toys.

Embrace the power of a 6.5 litre Rolls Royce 15 ton tank. You (or a lucky gift receiver!) will receive expert tuition to ensure you are comfortable with the tank’s controls, before being kitted out in a tank driver outfit. When you are ready, you will be let loose to control this beast of a tank. Give that big kid an experience of a lifetime.


Gift: Macallan Double Cask Gold Whisky & Original Newspaper
Price: £99.99
Perfect for: A taste of the Times.

Presented inside a luxurious black satin lined gift box, a 70cl bottle of Macallan whisky and an original newspaper from a date of your choice. Perfect for a milestone birthday, or perhaps as a Christmas gift, the Macallan Double Cask whisky has been aged in sherry seasoned oak casks in order to bring out its unique character.


Gifts Priced £100+

Gift: Robert Burns Etched Whisky Decanter & Tumblers
Price: £150.00
Perfect for: Toasting in the New Year.

Presented in a silk lined gift box, this beautiful etched crystal decanter and tumblers feature a line etched from Robert Burns‘ poem A Red, Red Rose: ”Till all the seas gang dry.’


Gift: Roman Legionary Helmet
Price: £155.00
Perfect for: The head of the household.

Hand crafted from steel and brass, complete with hinged chin pieces and genuine horse hair crest, this style of helmet would have been worn by Roman Legionaries around the time of Julius Caesar’s invasion of Britain. Typically worn by legionary officers rather than centurions, it is of the “Imperial Gallic G” type, a style influenced by the craftsmen of Gaul (modern day France).