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I’m Elizabeth, PR manager for Historic UK, and I’ve been asked to provide a short overview of who we are, what we do and – most importantly – why you should use our unique website. With that in mind, l’ll start back at the beginning, where all good stories start…

Our Story

Cue the whirring of dial-up modems, Microsoft Frontpage and an exceptionally slow PC. It’s 2000 and the first version of Historic UK is uploaded to the internet, the first website of its kind dedicated to the history and heritage of Britain. But this wasn’t just any old history website…

Historic UK’s vision was to bring history to life, and to do so it needed to be two websites in one. The first section of the website was called the Historic Accommodation Guide, a collection of castle hotels, historic holiday cottages and characterful hotels designed to stir the imagination and allow history lovers to stay in some of the most historic buildings in the country.

The second section of the website was the History Magazine, a monthly online publication featuring all of those weird, gruesome and interesting bits of history that were often left out of the school curriculum. From great British eccentrics to the inventor of the loo, we like to think of our articles as a ‘Horrible Histories for Adults’!

Starting as a team of two, it was soon obvious that the scale and scope of the website required some extra manpower and the company slowly grew to a team of a six, with guest authors from around the globe.

Fast forward to 2009 and it was decided that for Historic UK’s 10th anniversary that it would be getting a nifty little redesign. Introducing a brand new search engine for our Accommodation Guide and the ability to filter our history articles by type, the first ‘new look’ site went live in 2010.

And so, as the technology moved with the times, so did we… we noticed that more and more of our readers were starting to access the Historic UK website from their mobile phones and other mobile devices. Recognising that our site needed to look just as good on all forms of media, we launched our second ‘new look’ site in 2017.

Above: Last year’s Historic UK Christmas party.

Our research team and magazine authors

With more than one million page views each month, we believe that we are now the largest on-line history magazine in the UK. We fully recognise however, that size is not everything and we pride ourselves on the historical accuracy of our articles. That said, as history may change as new evidence is found and interpreted, so our articles are amended to reflect this. Our researchers and magazine authors are obviously a bunch of ‘very sad history nerds’ collected from very diverse backgrounds.

Most are graduates, gathered from a cross-section of universities around the UK and further afield in order to ensure a balanced presentation of the facts. Our research team includes supervisory experience to MPhil and PhD levels and many of our authors are active history teachers, including heads of departments.

We are however, all ruled by the ‘Iron Fist’ of Mrs Ed(itor) aka Deborah, who has the last say in what is published and what is not.

How to Contact Us:

As we’re a rather social bunch, you can contact Historic UK in a whole variety of ways:


To contact Elizabeth you can use her contact form here. For more general enquiries please use our Contact Us page.


We’re on Twitter with the username @HistoricUK. Please feel free to follow us as well, the more the merrier!


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Contact us via phone; for general enquiries please phone 020 8144 1377.

Snail Mail:

We’re also contactable via the good ol’ fashion Royal Mail. Please write to us at:

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