Family History

Don’t know your isotopes from your autosomal DNA? Worry not – Historic UK is here to help you through the maze of tracing your very own family tree!

The articles in this section will not only guide you through the processes available for building your family tree, but will also include related information, from clan tartans and family coats of arms to how surnames came about, and much more.

The 1921 Census is here!

The 1921 Census of England and Wales is now available! Taken on 19th June 1921 the census gives more detail than previous censuses: for example it includes an extended description of a person’s occupation as well as the employer’s name. The information regarding marital status includes if divorced for the first time. Invaluable for family historians but fascinating to anyone who wants to know more about their family history!

Available online at from January 6th 2022.