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History of Scotland

Every month we will feature articles relating to the history of Scotland - famous people, famous battles, famous places etc. These will build over the months into a full and intriguing insight into the history of this ancient land

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  • Duncan and MacBeth

    Duncan and MacBeth

    Duncan and MacBeth - famous names thanks to Shakespeare and the Scottish Play, 'Macbeth'. But how historically accurate is Shakespeare's story, if at all?

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  • Romans in Scotland

    Romans in Scotland

    Since AD 43 the Romans had conquered southern England and bloodily suppressed Boudicca’s rising. However, the fierce Caledonians tribes had decided they were not going to be subject to Rome rule, even if it meant that they had to make a fight of it!

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  • Kings and Queens of Scotland

    Kings and Queens of Scotland

    Kings and Queens of Scotland from 1005 to the Union of the Crowns in 1603, when James VI succeeded to the throne of England

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  • Robert 'Rabbie' Burns

    Robert 'Rabbie' Burns

    Robert Burns is the best loved Scottish poet, admired not only for his verse and great love-songs, but also for his character, his high spirits, 'kirk-defying', hard drinking and womanising!

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  • The History of Hogmanay

    The History of Hogmanay

    Only one nation in the world can celebrate the New Year or Hogmanay with such revelry and passion – the Scots! But what are the actual origins of Hogmanay, and why should a tall dark stranger be a welcome visitor after midnight?

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Showing 1-5 of 59 results on 12 pages...