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History of England

Every month we present new feature articles relating to the history of this green and pleasant land. From ancient battlefields to famous people, hangings to national celebrations, we've got something to interest everyone.

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  • Roman Roads in England

    Roman Roads in England

    Well-known Roman roads include Watling Street which ran from London to Chester, Ermine Street and the Fosse Way...

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  • History of Arrowheads

    History of Arrowheads

    The medieval arrowsmith skillfully crafted metal into efficient and deadly arrowheads. But did you know there were many different styles of arrowheads, developed for specific uses...

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  • The Venerable Bede

    The Venerable Bede

    The Venerable Bede was a monk at the monastery of Jarrow in the 8th century, and is most famous for his seminal work, Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum or The Ecclesiastical History of the English People...

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  • St George - Patron Saint of England

    St George - Patron Saint of England

    St Georges Day is celebrated on April 23rd. But how much do we know about England's patron saint?...

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  • Black Monday 1360

    Black Monday 1360

    Easter Monday, 13th April 1360 - Black Monday - changed the course of the Hundred Years War. A freak hail storm appeared from nowhere, killing over 1000 English soldiers and 6000 horses....

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  • Vikings of York

    Vikings of York

    Ragnar Lothbrok, Erik Bloodaxe and Harald Hardrada are a trio of legendary Viking warriors. Towards the end of their careers, each man sailed his longships upriver to Jorvik, or York. Not one of them survived to make the journey home...

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Showing 1-6 of 122 results on 21 pages...