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History of England

Every month we present new feature articles relating to the history of this green and pleasant land. From ancient battlefields to famous people, hangings to national celebrations, we've got something to interest everyone.

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  • York's Roman Emperors

    York's Roman Emperors

    York and the Roman emperors who died there: Septimius Severus and Constantius Chlorus. Both men, career soldiers, would meet their end at York, Roman Eboracum...

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  • The Black Death

    The Black Death

    Was the Black Death of 1348 - 1350 really such a disaster? Around 40% of the population of England perished, but for the peasants who survived, life began to improve...

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  • Lady Penelope Devereux

    Lady Penelope Devereux

    Lady Penelope Devereux was a prominent figure in the courts of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I. The sister of the Earl of Essex, she was a famous beauty, well educated, an excellent dancer - and involved in religious and political intrigue...

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  • The Ceremony of Quit Rents

    The Ceremony of Quit Rents

    Every October, in a ceremony dating back to 1211, something rather odd happens. The City of London pays rent to the Crown on two pieces of land, even though it no longer knows their exact locations!

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  • Anglo-Saxon Christmas

    Anglo-Saxon Christmas

    How did the Anglo-Saxons celebrate Christmas? Christmas is, after all, an Anglo-Saxon word: Cristesmæsse...

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  • A Victorian Christmas

    A Victorian Christmas

    Christmas trees, carol singers, Christmas cards, Santa Claus and crackers - integral parts of a traditional Christmas, but why? The Victorians...

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Showing 1-6 of 117 results on 20 pages...