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Legend of Richmond Castle
Culture UK,
November 29th 2015
According to legend, Richmond Castle is built over a cave where King Arthur and his knights are sleeping in their tombs, waiting to rise from their slumber to defend England in her hour of need...
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St Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland
The History of Scotland,
November 26th 2015
30th November is St Andrew's Day. The union flag of Great Britain is sometimes referred to as the Union Jack and is made up of three overlaid crosses. One of these crosses is the flag of the Patron Saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew...
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Thankful Villages
The History of Britain,
November 17th 2015
Millions of families throughout the UK suffered the loss of close family relatives in the Great War of 1914 -18. It appears that barely a family or community across the UK escaped World War I untouched, except that is for the “Thankful Villages”...
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