Historic September

View our list of historic events that occurred in September, including the consecration of Salisbury Cathedral…

Among many other events, September saw the Black Prince, eldest son of Edward III, lead the English to victory over the French at the Battle of Poitiers (pictured above).

1 Sept. 1159 The death of the only English Pope Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspeare).
2 Sept. 1666 The Great Fire of London begins in Pudding Lane and rages for 5 days, but kills only 9 people.
3 Sept. 1939 Britain and France declare war on Germany.
4 Sept. 1962 The Beatles start their first recording session at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios, London
5 Sept. 1800 The end of the Siege of Malta, as Napoleon’s forces surrender to the British following a two year long naval blockade.
6 Sept. 1620 The Mayflower sets sail from Plymouth, Devon, carrying the Pilgrim Fathers to America.
7 Sept. 1533 Birth of Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.
8 Sept. 1944 The first V2 flying bombs kill 3 people in London.
9 Sept. 1513 James IV of Scotland is killed at the Battle of Flodden.
10 Sept. 1771 Birth of Mungo Park, Scottish explorer who published his ‘Travels in the Interior of Africa’ in 1799.
11 Sept. 1915 Britain’s first Womens Institute opens in Wales.
12 Sept. 1908 Marriage of Winston Churchill to Clementine Hozier.
13 Sept 1902 Harry Jackson becomes the first person in Britain to be convicted on fingerprint evidence.
14 Sept. 1752 The first day of the Gregorian calendar in Britain.
15 Sept. 1830 MP William Huskisson becomes the first rail fatality at the opening of the Liverpool Manchester Railway.
16 Sept. 1400 Owain Glyndwr proclaimed Prince of Wales.
17 Sept. 1701 King James II of England died whilst in exile in France.
18 Sept. 1709 Birth of Samuel Johnson, compiler of the first English dictionary.
19 Sept. 1356 The Black Prince, eldest son of Edward III, leads the English to victory over the French at the Battle of Poitiers.
20 Sept. 1258 Consecration of Salisbury Cathedral.
21 Sept. 1327 Death of Edward II, murdered with a red hot poker by his jailers.
22 Sept. 1735 Britain’s first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole moves in to 10 Downing Street.
23 Sept. 1848 Chewing gum is produced commercially for the first time.
24 Sept. 1776 The first St. Leger horserace is run at Doncaster, Yorkshire.
25 Sept. 1818 First transfusion of human blood is performed at Guy’s Hospital, London.
26 Sept. 1580 The Golden Hind arrives in Plymouth harbour having sailed round the world under the captaincy of Sir Francis Drake. Drake plundered a few Spanish ships en-route to keep morale high!
27 Sept. 1888 First use of the name, ‘Jack the Ripper‘ in an anonymous letter to the central news agency.
28 Sept. 1745 ‘God Save the King’ is sung for the first time at London’s Drury Lane Theatre.
29 Sept. 1758 Birth of Horatio Nelson.
30 Sept. 1938 Misguided British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain says, after meeting Hitler in Munich, ‘I believe it is peace for our time‘.

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