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History UK - What's New This Month?

Every month we present new feature articles relating to the history of this green and pleasant land. If you have any suggestions for upcoming articles please feel free to contact us.

Guy Fawkes History UK CC

History of England

The Gunpowder Plot

Remember, Remember the 5th of November...Why do the British celebrate with fireworks, bonfires - and set fire to 'Guy'?..

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History of Scotland

St Andrew

The life of St Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland. 

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Dylan Thomas WikiPD for History UKHistory of Wales

Dylan Thomas

Born on 27th October 1914, Dylan Thomas is arguably the most well known Welsh poet of all time, although he wasn't without his vices...

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Thankful Villages history ukHistory of Britain

Thankful Villages

There are just a few Thankful Villages in Britain. These are villages without war memorials as no local men were lost in World War One.....

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An old clock faceHistoric November

On This Day In...

Born Today In...

Our definitive guide on the births, death, and major events that happened on all 365 days of the year. We also post our favourite #onthisday on our Twitter feed, so don't forget to follow us!



Burlington ArcadeDestinations UK

Burlington Arcade

In the heart of Mayfair in London, you will find Burlington Arcade and the Burlington Beadles, the oldest and smallest police force in the world.......

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Coming Soon...

With new articles being uploaded every month, be sure to bookmark us and check back regularly!  Below is a list of our forward features for the next month:

December 2014:  Christmas Crackers, Victorian Christmas, Tudor Christmas, Georgian Christmas, Medieval Christmas, Charles Dickens, Hogmanay, Christmas Traditions in Wales...

You can find our full list of forward features for 2014 by clicking on this link.