The Coronation of King Charles III

The coronation of King Charles III will take place on May 6th 2023. Her Majesty Queen Camilla will be crowned alongside her husband in an historic ceremony dating back centuries.

The streets of London will be lined with thousands of people from all over the world, the Commonwealth and the UK, to enjoy the history and pagentry of the occasion.

The following articles are all associated with the coronation of the new king and also with that of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The Coronation Ceremony of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla.
On Saturday 6th May 2023 the nation will gather around their televisions to watch the grand spectacle of the first coronation in 70 years…

The History of the Coronation.
The coronation ceremony can be traced back more than 1,000 years…

A knitted postbox topper, celebrating the coronation of King Charles III, on Court Road, Goddington, Bromley. Author: Doyle of London

The Coronation 1953
In 1953 more than 20 million people watched the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on television. For many, this was the first time they had ever watched TV…

The Coronation Robes
Steeped in rich symbolism and lavish history, the robes form an integral part of the coronation ceremony.

The Stone of Scone – The Stone of Destiny
The Celtic name of the stone upon which the true kings of Scotland have traditionally been crowned is Lia Fail, “the speaking stone”, or the stone which would proclaim the chosen king. This stone will be in place under the coronation chair when the King is crowned.

Queen Caroline of Brunswick
Caroline was the wife of King Wiliam IV. On 29th April 1821 she arrived at Westminster Abbey for her husband’s coronation – and her own – only to be denied entry…

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