Castle Hotels in Scotland

Scotland is a country jam-packed full of castles, from isolated fortresses in the Highlands to palatial residences on the Borders. In recent years, many of these castles have been converted into hotels and luxury B&B’s, and on this page we’ve attempted to list every last one of them!

For the history lovers out there, the oldest castles on our list include Tulloch Castle in the Highlands (dating from the 12th century) and Mingary Castle by the Sound of Mull. For those of you looking to tie in a castle stay with a trip to the capital, be sure to check out Dalhousie Castle which is situated just a few miles outside Edinburgh.

Finally, those of you searching for a romantic break need look no further than Ackergill Tower, once the seat of the Clan Keith and now a five star hotel with 28 luxurious rooms.