Trader’s Market

To compliment the Living History Section of our site, Historic UK is proud to launch a brand new Traders Market. Featured within this directory are the contact names and details of traders and service providers who help to bring history to life through the goods and services that they provide. To assist browsing we have divided the Market into four discrete categories:

Within the Armoury category you can find craftsmen creating hand forged arrowheads through to suppliers of 19th century siege cannon. Our Clothing and Outfitters category includes costumers, shoe makers, corset makers, etc. In the General Store browse through the suppliers of herbal potions, manufacturers of period furniture, silver jewellery and even medieval whistles and flutes. The Service Providers category features small historical groups available for public and school displays, as well as event management companies that can help to organise your film or TV shoot.

Archaeology – Hands on Learning in Schools

Fun hands on Archaeology. Themed mini dig sessions with artefacts to handle.

Briga and Friends

Interactive workshops for schools, etc., explaining life in Roman, medieval and Tudor Britain.

Historical Promotions & Event Management

First class professional historical re-enactments & costumed interpretation.

Living History Workshops

Historical workshops for schools and family events. Interactive and fun!

A Merrie Noyse

Costumed musicians, wandering minstrels, concerts, school service, weddings, parties and banquets.


Period music, dance and theatre. Lute, harps, viols, vielle, pipes. Film and TV.

Pike and Shot Events Ltd

Event management, historical interpretation and consultancy for live historical productions.

Whilst has taken considerable effort to ensure that the content of this listing is as accurate as possible, no warranty or fitness is implied. The above information has been supplied by the traders and service providers listed, and as such, shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or organisation with respect to any loss or damage arising from the information or use of the information contained in this listing.