St George’s Day

Time Period: Tudors

Performer / Organiser: The Companye of Merrie Folke, The Gardens of Easton Lodge

23rd April 2023 at The Gardens of Easton Lodge, Little Eaton, Great Dunmow, Essex CM6 2BB

The Companye of Merrie Folke and The Gardens of Easton Lodge have great pleasure in bringing to life a visit from Lord Burghley to Henry Maynard of Easton Lodge. Set in the year 1594, the Queen’s Lord Chancellor is come to see hys Principal Secretary to discuss Maynard’s plans to build a new manor house.

Henry is accompanied by hys wife Susan (nee Pearson), also there will be Lady Katherine Howard (nee Knyvett) and Lettice Countess of Leciester (nee Knolleys) and her daughter Lady Penelope Rich (nee Devereux), as the visit is of grayte import for all.

Other divers persons will also be about the place, as they celebrate St George’s Day. Thou may witness the cooks preparing food for the common folke and gentry alike, also the partaking of dinner. Thou might train in the longbow with Ned for a small donation, though thys be only for those aged twelve summers or more. Other divers amusements and crafts will also be on hand so thou may try thy hand at a game of chance, make thyself a charm in memory of thy visit, or simply converse with the common folk about their lives. Perchance there will also be a play of St George and his victory over a dragon.

The event will occupy a time from 11.00 in the forenoon until the hour of 5.00 on the 23rd April. Some payment of coin is required and more details can be found at
Upcoming Events – Easton Lodge

For carters and those arriving by carriage the location is Easton Lodge Gardens, Little Easton, CM6 2BB.

Please note: take no liability for errors, subsequent changes or cancellations. You are advised to check on dates and times if you are making plans to attend.