Historic UK is now on the Field Trip App

Historic UK may be old by name, but we’re trying our damndest to be modern and trendy by nature.

First there was our foray into the land of Twitter, Facebook and Google+, followed closely by last year’s new look website and all of the fancy wizzardry that followed (an interactive map of Anglo-Sites in Britain anyone?).

Now we’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Google’s Field Trip app to bring you all of our historical goodness sent straight to your mobile phone. Here’s how it works…

Once you’ve downloaded the Google Field Trip from Google Play or the Apple App Store and have been through the brief setup process (make sure you select that you’re interested in history!), the app will let you know whenever you’re walking or driving past a site of historic interest. For example, next time you’re at a gig at the O2 Arena in Greenwich you’ll receive a notification letting you know that you’re close to Blackwall Point, a site where criminals used to be gibbeted as a deterrent to wannabe pirates coming into London!

Here are some of our favourite stories which are featured on the app:

For more information about the Field Trip app then you can visit their website here. We have also provided some download links below:

Click here to download on the Apple App Store

Click here to download on Google Play (Android)