Siege of Brampton Bryan

Time Period: English Civil War – Stuarts

Performer / Organiser: English Civil War Society

13th and 14th August 2022 at Manor Farm, Brampton Bryan, Bucknell, Shropshire SY7 0DH

Hundreds of re-enactors are visiting Brampton Bryan to tell the story of the heroic defence of Brampton Bryan Castle in 1643 by Brilliana Harley and her household.

Attacked by a Royalist force of some 800 men lead by Sir William Vansittart, Lady Brilliana Harley bravely defended the castle – the second largest in the Marches – and the re-enactment captures the noise and hurley burley of the sieges, including a full detachment of cannons, muskets, pikes and much more. Activities for all ages, free parking, daily ticket £4.00 per adult, children free.

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