Tudor Christmas at Paycockes

Time Period: Tudors

Performer / Organiser: The Companye of Merrie Folke, National Trust

26th and 27th November 2022 at Grange Barns, Grange Hill, Coggeshall CO6 1RE, Essex CO6 1RE

We pray thee to visit wyth us at Paycockes House and Grange Barns, Coggeshall on the 26th and 27th November, for thys event doth have a grayte meaning to The Companye, as it is our 100th event since coming into being and the last one in thys, the year of Our Lord 2022.

It is a split year, as the gentry folk withyn Paycockes House are in the year 1517, and the Mistress doth seek help from visitors, her companions and servants to dress the house in good readiness for the Christmas Festivities. What food should she serve her house guests, which wall hangings should be used? Mayhap she may seek your opinion.

In The Grange Barn, the year for the common folke is 1559, a different year, a different Monarch, a different religion. Mayhap you would like to have discourse of the changes.

Whist at the Barn thou may also wish to purchase that special gift for the ones you love from the divers craft traders of good repute who will be ensconced there.

Whate’re you decide, thou wilt be assured of a warm welcome.

We wish you a safe journey and may God Be wyth thee.

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