1940 at Dover Castle

Time Period: World War Two

Performer / Organiser: English Heritage, Various

From now until 1st November at Dover Castle, Castle Hill Rd, Dover CT16 1HU

Step back in time to 1940 when Dover was on the front line of the war.

On weekends from 18 July the castle’s World War Two stories will be brought to life with live interpretation in the open air.

The British Expeditionary Force is retreating back to the coast of Dunkirk and in danger of being overrun. But in the tunnels at Dover Castle, a top secret mission to rescue as many troops as possible is being planned. Meet Vice Admiral Ramsay as he heads above ground and into the open air and question him about his plans for Operation Dynamo. Then meet other men and women experiencing these dangerous times – each of whom has a gripping story to tell.

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